Travel to Abilene

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March 15, 2011 – Travel to Abilene – Rolling Shoe Box 

Abilene 6 O’ clock news “Texas legislature voting on Bill regarding the transport of guns in personal vehicles” We thought Oh no! Texas is getting on the gun control bandwagon. Then the news man came on and explained that Texas is having a growing problem with private employers not allowing guns at work. The legislature is voting to ban employers from restricting people from having guns in their vehicles on employer property. On days like this, I would be proud to be a Texan!

On the way out of the thousand trails Athena went into the club house to place a fishing pole we found on the beach in the lost and found. While in the club house she learned something interesting, the older people in charge of the park are frustrated with the younger population causing trouble and are planning to install video cameras around the park to watch them more closely. Most parks we go to now days do not let children under 18 run loose in the park without their parents. Wonder if it is park property the old people are worried about, liability, or if these people are generally grumpy and like to make rules; and play big brother as a hobby. What ever the case is, it is sad. I fear one day, the world will be off limits to young people. Young people need the freedom to learn to socialize and live in society. If the park is worried about destruction of property, they need to make the playthings more durable, and keep a staff member in the club house during the busy times of the year any time the doors are unlocked. Since the club house has a store, keep a staff member in the store and keep the store open. These kids spend an absurd amount of cash when they are not with their parents.  Enough of my rant on seniors who have forgotten the value and the wonder of being young and lost their patience with most everything. What happened to the day when we saw seniors with smiles? We still find them, but it seems fewer every year. The other thing we noticed, is that all these old people are getting younger every day, and we fear we are becoming one of them! AHHHHH!

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