Trek to get the mail

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February 22, 2011 – Trek to get the mail – Rolling Shoe Box 

  Is this sign trying to deliver a message of some kind? There is no “L” in the word pool. Are they telling us there is Poo at our park for our enjoyment? Is the Poo in the Spas? No wonder they are giving away free memberships! I wonder what they were thinking when they put the brown tape over the “L”?  This sign leaves us with nothing but questions, we know it is a bad sign for sure. The good thing is it makes our park easy to find unless you are us. We needed to get our mail in Point Texas today.  Athena drove and made me navigator. That is where the excitement began. I grabbed the GPS to program the PO into it, but the GPS was dead, it had been crushed by someone or something, and this was a tragic loss. We came on a turn and Athena said which way? I said left, she turned then said can’t be, so we turned around. She is almost always right. She drove about 15 miles while I happily took photos of everything that entered the range of the lens, I thought nothing of it, but she said the drive was much too long as Point is only 5 miles from the park. That did not seem like a problem too me, she tried to get me to read the map, but my cognitive skills did not amount to enough to afford that. She turned around, and headed back the way we came, I was glad as I had drank too much Mountain Dew and was looking forward to getting back to camp. She drove back to camp and passed it, but a few minutes later we were in the quaint little town of Point Texas where our mail was there waiting for us. In no time, we were back to camp, and I was able to free myself of the Dew problem.

Have a good evening and a good night…