Typical Oregon Weather in Alabama

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November 3, 2010 – Typical Oregon Weather in Alabama – Rolling Shoe Box 

It was just that, a drizzly Oregon day here in Hidden Cove Alabama. I spent the day cleaning the inside of the RV while Athena and the girls worked on getting some school work done. The rain drizzled and poured by the bucket fulls at times until just before sundown. I then took a walk around the park, and looked out over Smith Lake. The lake is very pretty and is known for World class trophy bass fishing, the locals seem proud of the fishing status. Now we are working on putting up our winter fat in form of home made chocolate chip cookies. I have to take lessons from Holly; Holly says “Mom can I make cookies?” Athena says “Sure”. As I survey the RV, I see Holly playing a computer game, and Athena dutifully making cookies. If I only I could delegate that efficiently!

Good Evening and Good Night!