Veterns Day in Savannah

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November 11, 2010 – Veterans Day in Savannah – Rolling Shoe Box

We made our way down to Savannah Georgia to get our license plates from the Fed-X hold office down town. Since we wanted to see Savannah we parked our car at the MLK blvd visitor center and walked into the down town area where we unexpectedly stumbled into the city veteran parade. The parade was very nice, and there was great enthusiasm among the onlookers as well as the participants. All the branches of the service were represented by junior ROTC, full time enlisted, and the vets. The parade was a real treat, and it was a great pleasure to our servicemen and women honored so positively. Savannah is an old town with lots of industry on the waterfront. We had the privilege of taking a riverboat ride and seeing the port in operation. We learned that Georgia has a natural resource that they export called KAO clay. This clay is used in Kaopectate, soft serve ice cream (To keep the ice cream moving in the machine) making china, and in making glossy magazine covers. This is one of the few cities not destroyed in the civil war, but it did lose large sections to arson once, and many lives to Yellow fever over the years. With the penalties for breaking laws being what they are, we believe South Carolina and Georgia are great places to visit, and great places to leave. In South Carolina if you are caught speeding in a construction zone, you get a $500 fine and 30 days in the slammer! So much for supporting your family. If you see a person asking for money (Panhandler) you are instructed to immediately dial 911 so this great criminal can be disposed of. I also saw something very weird today, an old lady sitting on a bench and the police digging through here purse. I wonder what great grandma had planned? :)

Good evening and good night…

We enter Georgia again today

 Cross over the river into Savannah

 Trees we have not seen until now on our trip

 Savannah colonized in 1733

 Leader of the Rhode Island regiment in the revolutionary war.

 The ACLU missed a sign that someone might find offensive in front of the court house. Hang on to it Chatham!

 Out back takes on an older appearance

 Old men having way too much fun!

 The Navy

 More old men, but they are traveling at a slower pace.

 We had to get to the other side of the Hillbilly van in order to get out cars license plates from FEDEX

 We took a ride on one of the white boats

Outside of the candy shop. Good Pralines, terrible chocolate, The chocolate was so bad Holly put it in the trash after paying $2.50 for an ounce.  I guess chocolate is not their specialty. It is real bad when a kid who loves chocolate will not eat it.

 They are making taffy. A guy needed this goo by hand, placed it on the machine. When the goo started out, it was clear Carmel color, the machine made almost white.