Walking Among Snakes

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Wegoforawalk5170 December 22, 2010 – Another slow day – Rolling Shoe Box 

Athena and I do a walk on the campground nature trail. The trail is about a mile long and has plaques scattered about that describe what we may see along the way. Very nicely done for a camp ground. The plaque she is reading tells about the oranges along the trail, these oranges are very bitter and imported from Vietnam for their oil. There are other plaques telling us about the snakes, one snake is black, climbs trees, and squeezes its prey to death. This snake is not harmful, but a bite from it would be unlikely unless molested, and would only hurt like the devil. The next snake we read about was called the coral snake, this snake bite is a death sentence. The victim will feel a bite, then have no symptoms of any kind, but typically drops dead in an hour or two unless he is given an anti-venom in that time period. (This snake should be made extinct like now!!!)  The last snake we read about is a cotton mouth, did not sound deadly to people, but sounded like it would be most unpleasant if bitten by it. Though the walk was pleasant, it did do a lot to reinforce my opinion of snakes, (they make good hat bands!).

Good evening and good night…

I take wife for a walk along Peace River

 It runs along our campground, and I hear sometimes through it.

 We find the great white hunter

 These are really purple! No idea what kind of berries they are

We get back to camp, Holly does not want to appear to do as we ask, and informs us that either she or Wife is stupid. Who is stupid? seems to depend upon who I ask.  It does not matter though, we are bigger, and hold the purse strings! 🙂

 I don’t thinks this is the stupid one. She seems to have life figured out.