Walmart Again!!!

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WalmartAgaineb71January 10, 2011 – Walmart Again!!! – Rolling Shoe Box 

Yup we have to get provisions again! Athena buys food, Holly buys a new cell phone with a prepaid 30 day unlimited text message plan. Not sure which cost more, but both are a total waste of money as they both expire, get used up and have to be purchased again. I guess groceries and cell phone plans have one upped me; I age, get used up and expire, but not able to be replenished.  We got our mail in Person at our Good Sam Club Mailing Service. There Christmas presents from Marnie, Vicky, Athena’s Mom, and birthday cards from Mom and Ron, and Dad and Zella. (So cool!) Thanks everyone. We thought Good Sam Mailing Service contracted to  “American Home Base” would be a large impressive company. They are just out of Pensacola in a building of about 1800sqft 8 employees and 5000 clients.  It always takes a long time for us to get mail from family and others, and the Good Sam place says the USPS is slow. We found that Mom mailed my B-day card on the 4th, Good Sam has had it several days and was able to get it to me when I went in. I think it takes Good Same a while to get the mail repacked and sent out, and since they do not notify their clients of the presence of mail it takes even longer. We are looking for a better service, and the RV clubs do not seem to have it figured out. We did a study on mail services and posted under the new section of our web site: Questions people ask the Pantekoek Family Other than school work, grocery run and this blog we did very little today. We are very tired though as the wind storm and rain kept us up all night last night and a group of teens who thought they knew something about partying kept us up till 4am the night before. Pensacola is cold, not very attractive as a town, and the people drive like !!!!! We will not feel badly about heading out Wed. and will happily mark this as a place will never wish to live.

Apple now calls Christian belief “objectionable and potentially harmful”,bcj7CrSS

I believe in free enterprise and Apple has every right to block applications from its stores. I also am a consumer and have every right to abstain from purchasing Apple branded products.

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