Waveland to Gulf Port

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EndOfDay6990 January 13, 2011 – We take a drive from Waveland to Gulf Port – Rolling Shoe Box

Love the sunset from Buccaneer state park! This is strange country, most of the lots are vacant or just have stilts that used to have homes set on them. The city of Waveland is in bad shape financially and otherwise. Waveland has many strip malls where sections are completely gutted by bad weather and vandalism. This place looks like the remains of a town that has been long since deserted and looted. Rather than tearing down these malls, they seem to be rebuilding them by renting them out one section at a time. They wait for a renter, the tenant then guts and replaces his section of the building leaving the rest to rot until someone else rents another portion. This makes for one ugly shopping center! The people seem to be more worried about the beaches and parks than the town as the beaches are really built up nice and should be open this summer. Pass Christian, and Gulf Port seem to have invested in the infrastructure first as they look better, but they are lavishing huge dollars on their beaches now. I guess this area is trying to lure people in via the recreational opportunities and hoping they will fall in love with the area blind to the venom of nature and rebuild here. They can forget about the wealthy seniors though, as old laddies live to walk their dogs on the beach!
Good evening and good night!


Local mall here in Waveland

 New construction against future hurricanes

 The stilts do well, but the buildings fly.  The underside should be convex and the roof concave with drainage. The wind would push the house on the stilts rather than lift it off like the house below.

 Mississippi does not have natural beaches, they build them. All sand is hauled in and spread. This beach is 26 miles long.  They are just starting to cover this section.

 The sand is in and raked smooth. The side walk is done. Phase 2.

 Parking is in and benches are setup. Beach is done, now for the finishing touches.

 How about three story rest rooms and a shower head under neath using recycled water from the restroom above. We are on the first floor staring up at the shower head. Little hard to read to adjust the water pattern.

 We are now on the top deck of the restrooms looking toward  Biloxi. There is a hole in the deck so we can watch the people below shower. (These people from Gulf Port are wired.)

 The last touch the Gulf port beach has is a Pier. Nice touch!

 We are walking back in land from the pier. It is a long way back.

 End of day sunset from our campground. Gods beauty is something and the price is right too.

They are rebuilding the Gulf, but the infrastructure is a mess. Roads are mostly gone, most land no longer has houses, lots of piers where houses used to be, most of the malls and stores are still in ruins just empty shells and broken windows. New homes are gradually returning, The beaches and parks are being built with an inordinate amount of luxury and expense. Who ever is funding these, is headed for financial ruin, but hey are pretty. Oh’ one last thing, it is illegal to walk your dog on the beach in Mississippi too.