We find Oranges!

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November 19, 2010 – We find Oranges! – Rolling Shoe Box

They said it could not be done, but that never stopped anyone, well at least not us. Athena took us for a drive, and we found a housing development behind a small orange grove, then we found a fruit stand with a larger grove. The stand allowed us to venture into the trees and collect our own fruit. Palmetto, Oranges of several varieties, lemons, limes, and Kumquats(Sour). Judging by the picture, we are pleased with this find. We asked the fruit stand guy about the lack or groves, he said the groves have been getting converted to housing developments and shopping centers in this area, and the ones that are not, are converting to cattle. His grove supplements its income by doing Safari tours through the swamps and cow pastures. They also offer alligator meat, and heads for sale along with the fruit. Maybe the bad economy will spare this orange grove a few more years. (The economy here looks real good though, most everything is new and several buildings are going up.) Cypress Gardens however has closed its doors due to cash flow issues and is looking for a buyer. One major attraction gone, but there are plenty to take its place. I wonder with corn prices going up so much if farms will stop raising cows and grow corn?

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 We find a Palmetto – (Asian fruit big like honey dew, meat like grape fruit)

 Athena finds Oranges

 This tree has weird roots

 The Beggars saw us coming