We got mail

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15170March 24, 2011 – We got mail – Rolling Shoe Box 

and that is about as exciting as it got. Paul called, tried to talk to him, but the ATT cell phone does not work here in the park. We then tried to pay the bills we found in the mail, but I lost the Thousand Trails one before Athena could pay it. I did not understand the bill anyway, it had fees that they did not advertise when we bought the membership labeled “Optional fee $25.00 please send us your credit card number” by losing this bill, I opted out. :) If I had been more efficient at losing things today, Athena would have had even fewer bills to pay.  As it was, Athena had plenty to do, Laundry, help Holly with school, clean house, get the mail, pay bills, and convince the life insurance companies that yes we did change banks two years ago and really would like them to start taking money out of our current account. Seems big companies have a tough time keeping up with us, now that I think about it, so do we. Today, nothing happened, I slept and wife and kids worked. Guess it was a good day, now if only I can find the Ice cream, cause I love Rocky Road!

Good evening and good night…