We have seen better days, and we have seen worse

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November 21, 2010 – Turtle Climbing out of Primordial Soup

We were planning to see Disney World today, but Athena did not feel well. We decided to have the girls work on school work today, but Holly’s PC bit the dust, probably from over heating  while using it bed at night. Her I-Pod it turns out does not work with the library, so she can’t look at her library books. This makes schooling next to impossible for her. I researched and priced laptops and a Zune for Holly, found they had what we needed at the local Walmart, but they would not honor the pricing, so Holly has to wait a day or so while I work though the electronics mess.  The turtle in the picture here seems pretty content with his day though. He came to our camp and let us watch him eat weeds well past our attention span. We left the area before he did. The turtle was entertaining however, as when he crossed the road, he did try to run. Running, was just not his thing though and he had to have a dinner break on the opposite side of the road. Well, nothing much to say, so

Have a good evening and a good night…