Went to see Mom’s Uncle today

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3_4_2006Hantes_138eecFebruary 18, 2011 – Went to see Mom’s Uncle today. – Rolling Shoe Box 

He is a little younger than this guy, and better looking, but our photos did not work out today so your stuck with this guy. The guy in this photo is related, but as is my norm, I have forgotten how. Nick and his wife Joan are are great people; she prepared a nice meal for us and we had a nice visit at their home in Mesquite. It was kind of a weird feeling to venture into a house, as it the first home we have visited since August 2010. We are hoping to pop in and disturb their peace one more time before we are done with Dallas. On the way to their house we needed to find a store to buy a spring scale, so we set the GPS to rough neighborhood mode and toured East Dallas for a while. Like all rough areas, Gas prices there are high, and the people are deaf, dumb, and blind as evidenced by their walking into traffic like it does not exist. We then took the tourist route back to camp, and saw some really upscale homes on the west side of Rock wall.  (Stay tuned for future episodes of “The Pantekoek’s do Dallas”) Debbie was not allowed to come with us as her reputation in Dallas is tainted.

Have a good evening and a good night…