Where There is Smoke, There is fire, We are There!

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posttodayee24 December 14, 2010 – There is fire, we are there! – Rolling Shoe Box 

If if were any colder, we would be snow angels.  To remedy that, we seek out fire, and where might one find fire? Hollywood Studios of course! as Holly always says to me DUH! (Means yes in Russian, we learned that from her Dr. when he was stitching here finger up and and when he asked her if it hurt, she said DUH!) Now that all that we are all on the same blog, we can get on with the meat of the day. I was hoping for a big juicy steak with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes…. but that is another story, that did not work out. What did work out is the trip to Hollywood studios.  The first planned event was star tours! (Shut down until spring 2011), Second event was “Test Track” (oops! that is at Epcot), The third planned event was “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” (Was only a play ground for little tots), Last of all lunch!, The restruant we wanted was closed for no known reason. Oh what to do! With us, nothing is a disaster just frigged at 38 degrees in the sun in sunny Florida! We then saw a few cool shows “Lights, Motors, Action” We saw modified cars doing a lot of really neat stunts and making lots of explosions. After that, we saw a behind the scenes making of a southern California earth quake, where an oil tanker truck is lit on fire, (They have never seen a real earth quake, but the fire was nice.) Then we watched a really well done performance of Indiana Jones stunts using his stunt doubles, and there was fire!. At 38 degrees, I love fire and sincerely believe global warming must be some political ploy to get into our wallets! We are thinking that the mild climate of western Oregon with the absence of hurricanes and Tornadoes is not so bad. https://www.katu.com/news/111876249.html Can anyone say global cooling!!!!

Herbie is split in half and both halves drive away

 Herbie innards

 There is an actor on the building who is sick of his job.

 So he makes a career limiting move, and jumps!

 These guys should have bought motorcycles instead of cars!

 This guy caught fire after falling off his motorcycle. He is OK though.

 I told them not to smoke while refueling but they never listen!

We walked to San Francisco and New York looking for lunch. We are still looking, no thing worth eating so far.

 Indiana Jones girl friend tries to steal plane. Indiana gets beat up again. Women cause so much trouble!

 Now look at what she did!

Hmm, I am the only male on this Voyage; I better be careful what I write; or I might look like Mr. Jones!