Wind and Tornado thing visits us todady

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October 26, 2010 – A little Wind and Tornado thing visits us today – Rolling Shoe Box 

We had to leave at the last minute for the storm shelter because the kids would not stay focused on the their work, they could only think about the tornado warning, I told them we could go to shelter as soon as their school work was done. Just as the black cloud appeared on the hill, I moved the family to the Diamond Caverns cave tour center about a half mile away. The cave tours lets visitors go into the cave in the event of a tornado. I wanted to tour the cave, but Sarah was a little restless and her usual destructive self, after the tornado warning was lifted we drove on to Walmart in order to protect the cave gift shop from kid damage . The tornado missed us and hit 15 miles to the south at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, and another about thirty miles to the west of us. As for the cave tours Mammoth closed for the day, and Athena was not so sure I could handle the 385 steps down into Diamond. All things taken into consideration, we chose the next most strenuous activity for me, and went to Walmart!

We bought groceries, bolts, an extension cord, and I got a hair cut. :) When we got home, Athena and I got handy and replaced all the broken rivets in the hide – a – bed with the bolts, I busted open a spent HP laptop adapter made some minor changes and soldered a 40′ extension cord to it and now Sarah finally has a power supply for her laptop, she has had to share power supply with Holly since August. Sarah and Athena are using some of the groceries to make Chocolate bars from Nestle’ chips and almonds. Just after I finished rebuilding the bearing race for the pots and pans drawer that broke yesterday, I looked behind me and water was pouring into the RV, an object of some kind hit and broke the front vent cap. Since the pots and pans were on the floor, I did not have to go far to find something to catch the water in. Fortunately sun is in the forecast for the next week, and all the other broken things are repaired, so a busted plastic vent lid is not life shattering. Now we do laundry and blog which ends a very strange day in the South Eastern U.S.

Have a Good Evening and a Good Night…