Williams Arizona

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April 6, 2011 – Small town garage on Route 66 – Rolling Shoe Box 

Hello. Athena again. Weird day, but at least everyone was nice. This morning, headed to a car dealer to get the oil changed on the motorhome ( it was overdue). After making Darin fill out the paperwork, and getting the girls started with their homework, the service manager told us he couldn’t change the oil, as his mechanic quit last night. We had already left on campground, so nothing for it but to head to Williams, looking for garages along the way. We got to our KOA too early, but the nice lady not only let us in, but also called a garage in Williams and scheduled a oil change for us. Sarah says,” Literally, it was just a garage” . They were a little odd, and they seemed afraid to drive the motorhome, or start the engine. It was staffed entirely by Hispanics. We had a nice walk down Route 66, and had pizza. After we returned, they told us our tires were 6 years old, and needed replaced. The MH is only 3 years old, we had it for 2, so it is weird that the tires are older than the rig. The man tried to scare us a little, with how it is dangerous and illegal it is to drive around with old tires. Needless to say,  we didn’t buy from him. We drove back to camp, and called Les Schwab for a quote. Should I be surprised that Les Schwab price is about half of the small town garage. Too much adventure for me, so we rested, and watched Sarah play the rest of the day.
Good night.