Another phone down the toilet

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May 6, 2011 – Another day down the toilet with my phone! – Rolling Shoe Box

Hit the road again, drove about 80 Miles North out toward Pear Blossom California, stopped at Chevron for fuel and discovered our door for the tool hold had wiggled unlocked and apparently was automatically reducing weight for us in an effort to improve fuel economy. I appreciate the dedication of our rig to serve us in every way possible, especially since we had to take on 60 Gallons of fuel at $4.29 a gallon. I fear though that the tools were something that we kind of need, we could live without the bikes, but the tools, those are mans best friend. Hopefully, they landed on the side of the road some where; in tact, and will find a good home. We then got to our new campground, I leaned over to put the sewer connector into the ground and the cell phone leaped out of my pocket and slipped straight down the pipe never to be seen again. With Sarah busting out the window screen, my phone and tools leaving, my attitude left as well, and now it is not just the tools that are trying to distance themselves from me. The good thing is we are in our new camp site and safe, the bad thing is the park is rather full and we ended up with a site 30′ off the infernal rail way system that crisscrosses this country. So we will pretend to be sleeping and hoping we do not break or lose anything between now and morning. Sarah found a large tree, hollowed it out and is standing in it. Sure hope the park does not notice her here. Sleep well treat your toys well, as they might try and escape when you least expect them to.Good evening and good night…


PS: Mom – I may not be calling for mothers day, the phone went down the tube!