Church in Las Vegas

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15170 April 16, 2011 – Church in Las Vegas – Rolling Shoe Box

My ladies are all dressed up for church, and we go to Paradise Seventh Day Adventist Church in Las Vegas. The church building is simple, but functional and completely full of people. Not including the Orlando Florida church, this is one of the more vibrant Adventist churches we have found so far on this journey. The young people lead the church service today, and displayed a great deal of poise and musical talent.  We did not however really speak to anyone, as they all were in a hurry to go their separate ways after service. Vegas is a busy town you know. We rested the afternoon then went to the Sams Town Casino for supper. No inexpensive quality food in Vegas any more, but we did manage a prime rib buffet for $15.00 a person with no children discount. On a night like tonight, it is too bad I did not have teen boys! They then had a light show that was cool to see. Upon leaving the casino, Every one said their stomachs were heavy from eating too much, Sarah said “Mine isn’t, I just went to the bathroom!” It has to be wonderful to be 10.  Lots of activity around us tonight as we try to retire, big brush fire started a short distance away, so Helicopters and stuff are hard at work, and a real live gun fight erupted about a mile from here between gang members. This town reminds me home…

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Have a good evening and a good night….