Death in camp

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25170April 30, 2011 – Dead day in camp. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

We did nothing today, Athena, Holly, Sarah listened to stories, I did not bother to get out of bed. High fever of 104 over last 24 hours, very ill, turns out I had not been drinking water, and the lithium I take made me sick from dehydration, now I drink water and wait for my body to stabilize. Summer is coming, and for some of us is here, so don’t forget your fluids. I was too cheap to pay the California CRV tax they charge on water bottles, and tried to do without, guess we will probably pay the Tax, they need it to recycle all the CRV’s. We also learned from a sign in Starbucks, that Coffee is known to contain chemicals to cause cancer in California, I will probably wait until I get back Oregon before getting another cup of coffee. My illness caused us to skip Sea World, too bad I bought the tickets ahead of time. Maybe we will double back to Sand Diego from LA. The tickets are good for a year. Well again no new news today, Just learned we need to drink lots of water and shun coffee in California.

Have a good evening and a good night….