Five Great Train Robberies

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We are exhausted, these are tough towns out here in the Arizona desert. We took a train to the South Rim park and back, the train put on quite a show for us, and the Grand Canyon made the shows look lame if they weren’t already. We were very impressed with the Canyon, would have like to have walked in a bit, but I certainly could not have made the trip, so we stayed at the rim, walked around and thoroughly enjoyed the view. We are all though very tired even from that much. Everyone should make the trek to the Grand Canyon sometime in their life times. One can not say enough about this place, but there is no more to say, it has to be seen. Be thee ware, you will be robbed in five ways:

Robbery 1. – We get our Train Tickets through the KOA for $260.00 and when we get to the station, we find if we had not reserved in advance they would have only been $220.00. This happens everytime we book in advance. We only reserved ahead of time since we were in town for one day, and did not want to miss the train.

Robbery 2. – A singing cowboy comes on the train playing an accordion, hoping sell something or we will pay hime to leave.

Robbery 3. – A lady comes by and takes our picture, and offers to sell it back to us for $35.00, but she was unwilling to reciprocate by letting me take her picture and sell it to her for $35.00.

Robbery 4. A guy comes on and plays the Banjo, and wants everyone to buy his CD for $10.00. (I was the only one who liked him. I thought he was really good at the banjo.)

Robbery 5. – A band of Outlaws comes aboard and demands money, and people give them money. I tried to talk this guy out of his gun, offered all the money in my wallet as trade, but he claimed it was just die cast metal and would do me no good. Fortunately the guy behind us bought everything they were selling and gave the poor outlaw a $20.00 bill so he could turn his life around.

And it was all worth it. The train trip was 135 miles round trip, dropped us off in the south rim Grand Canyon Village with plenty of time to enjoy the day, and we did not have to drive back after all the fun. The train was 2.5 hours each way, so the entrtainment was very much needed to keep the young kids from going stir crazy.

Have a good evening and a good night…