Headed South

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65eb71 April 26, 2011 – Headed South – Rolling Shoe Box

The first sign we see here in camp: “Mountain Lions are an important part of our community, and need to be protected. Keep your children close, as these animals are especially drawn to them”.  We need mountain lions as much as I need another 200 pounds added to my derriere! Maybe when these animals are fully reinstated, they will eat all the idiots who brought them back, and the rest of us can put things right again. Humans have hands and brains, therefore they should ensure they are the top of the food chain. These eco freak senior citizens may hate children, but feeding them to the mountain lions just is not going to do. Enough about the critters, but we are definitely getting close to a large population center and it shows. We traveled down the Salton Sea to Interstate 8, had to wait in line for the border patrol to wave at us today, then up on a mountain for a while, then turned north on hwy 78 into the mountains, then took a hard corner that destroyed a laptop and arrived at camp. These California roads are not for big vehicles, this is the second camp ground we barely fit into. Well we will be here for couple days, then head south. Nothing exciting, but here are the pictures of the drive: .
Okanzita Springs Thousand TrailsHwy 8 at Imperial Valley

Good evening and good night….