Just a HOT day in the park

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185170 April 1, 2011 – Just a HOT day in the park. – Rolling Shoe Box

My drill Sergeant takes me out for an evening march up the side of a mountain. It is nice to go with my sarg, she keeps me walking and I have two pretty things to look at, her and the mountain.  I needed to call the GMC service center to get the RV fixed, but ATT just does not seem to like it here, so we drove in to town to schedule the service date and time. While we were out, Athena decided to have me get a hair cut, I only like Athena or Nancy to cut my hair, especially after the hair cut I got in Tacoma where he tried to take off my scalp. (I still wonder what I said). My last hair cut was in Kentucky, where the lady wanted to know if I would like wax for my dome when she was done. Athena likes a bit more hair left than that, and reminded me of that daily until it grew out. Today though I found the limit of just how long and shaggy she will let me get before dragging me into the hair cut place. This lady seemed to know how to cut hair, and we like my new look, though I hardly recognize my head in the mirror now.   Well this concludes another pleasantly uneventful day in the desert. Can’t wait to leave though, the warm weather is waking the scorpions, the news said they are getting in peoples homes and stinging them, we all have a dire allergy to pain. We will move to higher ground next week though and hopefully that will suffice.

Good evening and good night…