Move on to Menifee (Sun City) California

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May 2, 2011 – Move on to Menifee (Sun City) California – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

Camp in a feed lot. At least it has a lot of resort features and full hookups to go with the fresh dairy scent.  The drive was uneventful, we got settled in OK, went to Winco to get supplies for the Sea World trip we need to make up for. Sarah though appears to be ill, and has emptied her stomach on the the front porch, so it looks like Sea World may not happen. The good thing is Sarah is 10, and it only sucks to be ill, and she is not self conscious of those who might have to observe, nor is she a boy, so she does not feel the need to brag about the quantity of goo created by her ill stomach and left in the stair well of the RV. Sure glad I did not switch over from rubber to carpet flooring yet. Anyway we hope everyone in the household gets over all the maladies, it really puts a damper on things. 82

Have a good evening and a good night….