One foot on the brake one foot on the gas, and we can’t pass no!

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May 7, 2011 – One foot on the Gas one foot on the brake, and we can’t pass no! – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

  Trying to make a run for the coast, but were stuck in L.A. Lotus, Maserati, and Ferrari their all stuck out here with me! California we solute you!

Finally the road did break open and went to my old my old High School New bury Park Adventist Academy, found it in really bad shape, most of the land turned to a shopping center, and the building an embarrassment to to the name and mascot. Putting that behind us we headed to Point Mugu State Park, decided we did not want to pay the parking fees, and headed south on Hwy 1, found a nice turn out had lunch and enjoyed looking at the cold muddy Pacific Ocean with real waves, made us feel so much more at home. It just feel nice to see a real ocean, rather than the pond they call the Atlantic. Kids from the Atlantic must agree with us, the Atlantic school district had four large school buses at Point Mugu beach. We tore out of there and booked on through Malibu where the crazy people build their homes on stilts in the sand so they can feal the stormy seas as they seap in through the floor boards as they float out to sea every winter. Cool enough for us, but not the main event, so we head on down to Santa Monica, walk out on the beach where they set up play equipment for adults called “Muscle Beach”. Ladies that like buff men with hair, needs to hang there, cause Fabio does! We checked out the Santa Monica Pier, and liked it as it has flush toilets as well as la carnival atmosphere. After the toilet, we stumbled into a Harley Davidson show and the worst band we have ever heard try to play in public. Our cat can sing “Born to be Wild” better than they can. Fortunately the car is sound proof, we got on the Road again. Hollywood or Bust! We set foot on the walk of fame, it was lame! Many of the stars were broken or defaced. The kids were board, they did not recognize any of the names in the stars until we found John Wayne. When they recognized the Duke, I felt a sense of pride for a job well done. The area it self has degraded, mostly strip clubs, barely hanging on Adult stores, and ruffians. Big group of young black guys started taking off their shirts throwing things at each other, including their bicycles. A police officer or security guard jumped in the midst of the tussle. He was braver than I, I steered the kids off Hollywood Boulevard and back up to Sunset Boulevard where are car was, and we said good by to L.A.  Looking back at L.A. and seeing the smog bank that engulfs the city, still gives me fond memories of Morodor.  We had a great day, did not break anything but a few dozen traffic laws, and maybe in Holly’s case a few hearts. When we get better internet, pictures will follow. 2 3 4 5 6 7 Boondocking??8 9 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Good evening and good night!