One realization; made today a great day!

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185170 April 17, 2011 – One realization; made today a great day! – Rolling Shoe Box

We are Leaving Vegas in the morning Yea! … but we are headed to the republic of California .. Hmm, wonder what is in store there.. We are told by some that internet will be sparse, so if our blog entries disappear, they were right and we are most likely not dead.  Internet has been poor since we got west of Houston Texas, guess people in the West don’t use Verizon air cards much, ATT cell service only works when we drive into the cities. Vegas though reminds us so much of home, Shootings in the streets, many languages, Showing our ID everywhere we go when we use the Debit or Credit card, a general lack of trust, no employment, and Gambling. Here it is Casino’s, Salem Gambling is Real estate and and working for the government, pick your poison, not sure which is worse a government job, or a slot machine. We are thankful though for those in our family who are teachers and work for Law enforcement during these times. Well catch ya in California if we can find internet?

 How did the FBI miss this! They just need to stage as a beggar and wait. You build it, and He will come.Rolling Shoe Box – USA Tour – Zion National Park North to Vegas

Shed your dignity, and $100.00 a day on weekends gets you a lawn chair by the pool. Yup! these folks can use the pool for free, but the lawn chair rental is $100. per weekend day, only $50. on weekeday. Now we know how the Gold Nugget Casino can afford to by that Gold Nugget!

looked, did not see any queens. Did see a few poorly dressed show girls, spent all their money on feathers for their hat, and had none left to cover the rest of their body save a few important strips of strategicly placed fabric.