Our Walk; Ends; Here!

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13a4f3 March 31, 2011 – Our Walk; Ends; Here! – Rolling Shoe Box

It finally cooled off and Athena and I took our evening walk down to the river bed. As Athena was crossing the rocks, she stumbled into this little fellow. We are not sure who or what he is, but we did not want to meet the parents! She turned around and we headed back to camp, the on to Dairy Queen. The most expensive Dairy Queen and lowest quality fudge I have ever had the misfortune of eating. Athena was smart and had a cone, seems they did not have the audacity to mess that up, so she was the winner on this excursion. We did not do much for fun today, it was just under 100, so school was done in the morning, dentist mid day, and and the swimming pool was graced with the Athena and girls through the latter afternoon.

Have a good evening and a good night….