School and Laundry Day Pio Pico

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April 29, 2011 – School and Laundry Day – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

Hi, Everyone. Athena again.  Not every day can be fun in the sun for the Pantekoek clan. Today, Algebra and Laundry. The power is still out in most of the campground. Luckily our site’s power came back last night, but no power for the camp laundromat today or the sewer. Many of the campers left as well. We had 5 loads, and waited until 3 for the power to return, then had to find a laundromat in town. That went smoothly, so we tried to get Holly’s update file downloaded at Starbucks. After buying everyone a drink, we couldn’t get any speed on the download, so we came back home. Nice weather, but not warm enough for swimming today. The swimming was nice yesterday though.  Good Evening and Good Night.