Sleep off last nights storm, go to school, then see an Oasis

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25170 April 25, 2011 – Sleep off last nights storm, go to school, then see an Oasis. – Rolling Shoe Box

P.E. Class was hard today, but they seem to have managed. Last night we had to pull the slides in.The wind and sand howled through here at speeds in excess of 60mph which can be dangerous to our awnings. The wind kept us up all night, but we woke up to blue skies and 80 degrees. I am still dragging and grumpy from lack of sleep due to all the noise, but the rest of the family seems to have recovered nicely. Once we got our work out of the way we drove out to the Oasis:
Getting ready to go
Resting from P.E. Class
Arrive at Oasis 10 miles behind Thousand Trails
Bunch of dingle berries
Easter hangover
took a walk, and some pictures. Loved the oasis, it was nice as no one was there, and the air was only about 75 degrees; rather than the mid 90′s like it was at the park.  When the fun was over, we went back to life and did our shopping, got supper at Dead Robin. The food there is not nearly as good as it we had remembered it. The burgers tasted like they were made from frozen lean meat, rather then the juicy well marbled fresh stuff that burgers are supposed to be made of. Will not waste our money there any more. Not much else to report, but if anyone knows of a good burger restaurant that is not trying to protect us from our selves, let us know. Tomorrow we head South!Good evening and good night….