Snow in Southern California

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April 18, 2011 – Out of the Oven, into the freezer – Rolling Shoe box

Left the warm weather behind and now we are in Southern California. Our camp ground still has piles of snow lying around, and is rather cold. We are at 6400′, can’t tell which way we are facing as there is cloud cover at present, but we might be able to see Los Angeles from up here. We had to go through the out skirt of the city this afternoon, then we headed back to the east from Loma Linda, then to Banning, then straight up! Once we got he Rig parked, I took a short walk, but the campground roads are 100 percent up hill or 100 percent downhill depending upon which direction one walks, since I do not do hills, my walks here may be short. I laid down for a minute after getting settled in, and was out cold real quick and slept for a few hours, guess it was a hard run. We battled 40+ mph winds until we got just out side of LA, then it was miles of major construction, then narrow windy roads and dense fog. What a ride. For those who enjoy the photos: 1 Too Hot to sleep! We hit the road

2We are not the only ones leaving3 There is a dark force hovering over the strip

4 The Mandalay is the end of our strip experience

5 Cocommunism is alive and well6 7 Everyone likes driving in 40MPH wind, or knows what is going to befall Vegas

8 9

We can’t get away from these guys May 21 Dooms day advertisements. Hope all those stickers are removable, this thing will lose all of it value on May 22nd. Does he know all the earth will not be May 21st all on the same day? The Bible says every eye will see Jesus in a single instant when he returns, therefore this mans prophesy is already doomed. Wish these guys would not make such a mockkery of Christianity. As for the message of being ready for Christ, be ready as if he were comming now, don’t wait until May 20th, he will come in an instant, and when least expected


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 77 78We get a ppremonition of whats yet to come. Odd though, we are at 6500 feet.

Good evening and good night…