Spent the day with a nice couple and their kids

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May 5, 2011 – Spent the day with a nice couple and their kids – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

  which was fun until we discovered we accidentally shrunk Sarah. Fortunately, a little frozen Yogurt brought her back to size, and unfortunately it may have caused me to grow a little as well. The couple we met are very nice, have two children and live here in the RV park while between homes. We took them to our favorite standby “Pizza Hut” split a couple pizzas and bread sticks and just had a nice time, then parted ways and wished them well. We wished we could do more to make their life a lot more comfortable, but really could not think of way to help, they are very sweet and will get settled again. In the mean time need everyone’s prayers. We did not ask exactly what their needs are, but the physical needs are great, and with two Autistic children they are kept very busy. Well, it was another great day, and the hot weather yielded a very comfortable evening out doors.

Good evening and good night…