Surfarri Surf School

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   We hit the beach and watched Holly learn to surf at Surfari surfing school in Sand Diego She had a great time. They do it for college credit here, so I think I know where Holly is going to college. 🙂 78 3 4 5 6 7 8 He’s even better than a fire fighter
9 Our next house
After school we had to buy  a new laptop, Holly’s gateway fell off the couch and cracked the screen. She wanted a better one than I could provide, so she paid the difference, maybe that will help them last longer. This evening Holly is learning the Art of configuring a laptop and installing software. That should keep her busy till morning, so I will call it a day.Good evening and good night…

Welcome to America Obama… Maybe you can streamline Hawaii’s information release processes a bit while you are in office. Even the President is not immune to Red tape!