The Dam tour

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One would be remiss to go to Las Vegas without visiting Hoover Dam. It is huge, 700′ tall and really thick, as it has to hold back all of Lake Meade. They take you through the dam in groups of 100, there were about 3,000 people here today. First you park your car for a mere $7.00, then you pay $8.00 to see their visitor center, not worth $8.00, but for $11.00 a person one can get a guided tour of the turbine area, and see the visitor center. For $30.00 a person, one gets a full tour. A family of four should bring 3 bills, if they want to see and do everything, the snacks, gifts, and tours, will separate you from your money quickly. We gave in and paid the $11.00 fee, and feel it was the better of the 3 options. We learned that Lake Mead supplies water to California, and the lake is owned by the Burro of Reclamation (You know, the people who supply small cafes with meat, and make dog food from road kill). For once in my life, I feel sorry for Californians. In the tour, they also told us the bulk of the power and irrigation for the South West comes this dam, and that it is one of the most important assets in the world, next to nuclear superiority. Sure lacks good security for that kind of importance. Well, I am so tired I can’t type straight, so this is the end of the blog