The Scorpions

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April 2, 2011 – The Scorpions – Rolling Shoe Box

maybe a band of scorpions, but not the band called “The Scorpions”, fortunately or unfortunately is up for discussion.  I just hope they can’t get int he RV. Holly gets credit for this find. I stumbled upon a rattlesnake down on the river bed, much more dangerous than the King snake we found yesterday. I did not take a picture though as he blended into the sand and bushes real well. My heart was beating a little fast after feeling as though he was too close, to study the subject enough to overcome the background issues. We again cut our walk short and went to the game room instead. The girls played fooze ball and Athena and I pretended to play pool and read magazines. Before all that adventure we attended the Cottonwood Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath School and church service. The people there are extremely friendly, we learned something about wearing Christs cloths and becoming righteous, and selling books, and the people there are all vegans. The park had a concert tonight “Hired Hands” they are very good performers, it is nice to see quality entertainment for a change. There are no pictures and notes tonight, I put them together Three time and Page Freeze crashed and erased all my work three time, and I am not righteous enough to try a fourth time. Exhaustion wins, and we are going to bed.

Good evening and good night….