We arrive in Palm Springs – Shopping

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1 April 22, 2011 – We arrive in Palm Springs – Shopping – Rolling Shoe Box

Which appears to be a competitive sport here in California. The Trash truck in front of us at this red light, left about 10′ between him and the car in front of him. The cars from the side street on the right want to get in to the left hand turn lane on the left of the truck, but there is not room. No problem, all four cars manage to drive out of the side street, block in the trash truck and everyone else to get over there, since they were low on paved road, the cement meridian, and the sidewalks were all fare game. The amazing this is the trash truck let these fools do their thing when he could have easily drove over several from a broad side angle proving that not all Californians are impatient. Judging by what we saw of the occupants of these wayward cars, maybe Oregon has a point in wanting to give illegals a drivers license in order to make them safer on the Road. Oh’ I forgot, Illegals probably will not apply for drivers licenses, they do not wish to follow laws, or they would be legal. “License? I don’t need no stinking license!”  In fact, the Border patrol is under orders not to detain illegals, but “Be tough and tell them to go home on first sight”. That’s border protection Mr. Obama, give’m heck!  Well another day shot to Michigan.

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