We see why people like Arizona

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March 30, 2011 – We see why people like Arizona – Rolling Shoe Box


Sedona and the Red Rock Canyon area has to be one of my favorite stops for scenery.  As we entered the area we found green trees and beautiful streams against the wonderful red cliffs. I would love to live here, but Uncle Sam, and Sedona are just a bit rich for our blood. The sales Tax on food at Walmart was a killer at 10.5% for one tax, and an additional 3.5% for another tax; $14 tax on this weeks groceries, first time we noticed tax on groceries so far on this trip. Can’t see how the seniors can afford to hang out here. The state parks range $7 to $20 per car, per park to enter, and the feds are charging $5 per park per adult to enter. One can hand a lot of cash over to Uncle Sam in hurry, but if that is not enough, spend the day shopping in Sedona! You will need a sedative when you open your credit card bill. Probably worth it though. One other thing we noted today is that the government would be stupid to shut down the parks during the budget shutdown, there are only 2 million of us adults running around forking out $5 per person per park, how many revenue centers does the federal government have, not many I am sure! The charge $300 per year to dry camp out on federal land, and Arizona charges senior couples $100.00 a year to camp out on state land, with imposed time limits, these campers are paying in excess of $400 a year for no services whatsoever. Our campground membership seems like a bargain, we get electricity, water, and Garbage for that, and most of the time we get sewer hookups. We are too spoiled to camp regularly on public lands!

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 1 Morning walk around the park
 4 Getting Warm
 5 Sarah Looking ready for touring
 6 Walking to Montezuma’s castle
 7 Here it is
 10 More flowers
 11 More flowers
 12 Heading to Sadona
 19 Cool turn out
 21 The Lutheran church has a neat view
 22 Sedona
 24 Lunch time
 25 View from lunc spot
 26 Another view
 27 We found Halfway, but it is in Arizona
 30 Willows in as we exit Sedona. We loved Sedona, Sisters Oregon could be this nice with a lot of work.
 31 Arrive in Jerome, the town is an old copper mining town built into the hillside.
 38 Leave Jerome and continue up the mountain
 40 We head over 7000′
 41 We finds snow!
 42 Road is narrow
 43 Back in the valley
 44 We arrive in Prescott Valley, to tired to continue, so we head to I-17 to get back to Cottonwood
 45 We have been calling this the cement tree, it is hard as cement. Found out it is a sycamore tree.
 46 Back at the park, and the sunsets on the day.

Have a good evening and a good night…