We travel south again

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15170April 28, 2011 – We travel south again! – Rolling Shoe Box

We will not be going any further south as we do not have passports. The roads in the mountains here are windy and steep, it is no wonder these people drive so fast when the freeways are flat and open, it probably seems boring to them compared to the roads they drive every day. We still can’t get used to the idea that people pass you on the right in the parking lane at intersections, many times we think they will not fit, but some how they do. We will not post pictures and notes on a regular basis over the next few days. The park we are in right now has very poor cell service, ATT works a little and Verizon works a little, but not enough to be real useful. The power has been out all day, so are cooking via the generator, and recharging the RV batteries, and doing blog. Guess a part died in the electrical panel and they are hoping to get it repaired this evening sometime. Ope they do, we might have to rough it for a night. Pio Pico park pictures:


Good evening and good night….