We went to the mall

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IMG_61395170May 4, 2011- We went to the mall – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

Sarah is writing blog today. ” Once upon a time, today, we went to the mall. We bought bobby-pins, we found blond ones, which is rare. It was really hot today, so that is why we went there. We bought a few more things, and had dinner. When we left around 6:30 it had cooled down to 75 degrees, so when we got back me and Daddy went for a walk. We saw a blue canal in our campground. Pretty soon we saw some ducks, with all the ducklings in the picture above. Since they were ducklings, they were the cutest things ever. I think there were about 9 of them. Then we saw an RV that we have seen around the country, in Oregon before we started this adventure, and in several parks in California. We also saw 3 black kitties, one great heron with a beard, and some other waterbird we had never seen before. It was weird looking, white, with a black beak. Then we went back to the RV and had some Tillamook Mud Slide. Yummy.

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Have a very fun and cute night!