You promised me heaven but you put me through hell

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April 14, 2011 – Internet Promised me heaven but put me through Hell – Verizon you give WiFi a bad name.

We drove back to Las Vegas via the Virgin River Canyon after having to say good by to our friends, good byes are never fun, but hello and great reunions could never occur if it were not for good bye.  Fought with the internet all day today, could never get enough band width to get past the time outs, on the server when loading the pictures up, so we still have not got the update images for yesterday and today up. Hopefully we will figure out a better internet connection and be done before we leave this campground. We again are too exhausted to share much, just travel, and laundry. Until tomorrow….

 Just can’t stay away from this place. – A freeway runs through it

Have a good evening and good night