Top 10 Reasons to Join Full Time Families

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RV Living – Top 10 Reasons to Join Full

Time Families

We have been members of Full Time Families for a couple years now. We first met up with them at a rally in Astoria, Oregon.  We had been on the road for over a year, and were beginning to feel like we were the only family out there, or at very least, we were all doing a great job of avoiding each other. We found out this rally was on the west coast, and we had just arrived there ourselves, so we decided to drive north to learn what Full Time Families was all about. The girls and I were very excited about the prospect of meeting several new families. We were not disappointed, and we were not the only ones excited they were anxious to meet us as well. Kimberly the owner of Full Time Families, was on her PC and saw our Verizon hot spot “RollingShoeBox: show up on her PC. She had been following our blog, and knew us by our internet connection name.  She and her husband Chris were right there to greet us. There were many families there and we were all friends immediately. Since we have been members of Full Time Families, we have been able to stay in touch with other families and get together wherever and whenever our paths cross. Chris and Kimberly have done a wonderful job with this program, and they have become great friends to hundreds of families just like ours.  we limited the benefits to 10, but we could probably go on for hours.

  1. Your membership saves on things you are going to buy anyway. Passport America, Workamper , Over night RV Parking, Flying J / Pilot Travel Centers, Thousand Trails, Woodalls, Edge Products and many more.
  2.  FTF Magazine- an E-magazine with food, school, and travel, of course. The articles are written by members, are fun to read, and often have great photos. She even includes a find-it game for your little eye- spyers.
  3. With the Blog List of FullTimeFamilies, you can learn about other real people out on the road with their kids.
  4. Find Resources and Recommendations on the Website.
  5. Great sticker to put on your RV, so you can tell others about the program.
  6. Facebook group to ask every imaginable question to( What to buy, Where to Camp, RV Problems, Everyday Issues on the Road, Recommendations for an area, homeschooler questions, etc.), and they answer back quickly.
  7. Find friends for you. Meet other families on the web, and then arrange to meet them in real life. It is the fastest way to make friends that I have ever had in my life. We already have so much in common, and if we work at it, we find time to spend hours together.
  8. Rallies They are wonderful fun, a great place to meet many new families, and learn how they deal with the everyday hurdles of full timing.
  9.  Find friends for your kids. One of hardest things out here is to find kids during the school year. During school breaks, most campgrounds are full of kids, but it gets lonely for the girls the rest of the year. Though FtF we have met many kids, and have traveled with them, so my girls can have friends, and use the internet to stay friends when they part. They know, the country is small and they will probably meet again soon.
  10. The number one reason to join FTF… The Travaglinos. Chris and Kimberly are just plain friendly people who are perfect for the business of getting us all together and helping us stay sane.

If you are looking for a real family atmosphere out on the road, this program is for you. If you just want to know what it is like to live on the road in an RV, looking for tips from engine issues, to how one raises and educates their kids, this group is for you. Full Time Families welcomes those who think they might want to try a road trip someday, as well as those who are omni present on the road. Join now, its a journey worth taking!