Against its better judgement, The State of Oregon let us in, and We are Back!!!!

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June 6, 2011 – Against its better judgement, The State of Oregon let us in, and We are Back!!!! 

Aside from its cold and Rainy weather there is no ocean in the entire united states as beautiful and accessible as the Oregon coast. There are a few runner ups, but they are not Oregon. The ocean has real waves, the shore has real beaches, and real mountains, and you don’t have to dump a wad of cash to park and enjoy the sand. You can let your dogs run,build drift wood forts,swim, build sand castles, and bury your friends (Temporarily of course) without fear of prosecution.  Protect these rights, many of the folks on the east coast no longer posses them. We stopped in Bandon, dropped the RV at a beach, then drove to see Pat and Fred, had a nice visit. They seemed well, but the trees are giving them grief, and the tree removal dude did not show up today to cut them down.  After visiting a bit we drove back to Bandon, and attached the car to the RV and headed up the coast to Florence.  Spoke with Paul, he will be in Salem on Wed. or Thursday, forgot which day. We will be going to Salem to see Dad, then pick up Athena’s Mom so she can stay with us for a week. Hopefully we can see all our Portland based relatives the week of the 20th. Well this was way too much day for me, I am too tired to think, let alone think straight.

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