Another One Bites the Dust!

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June 14, 2011 – Another One Bites the Dust! 

Three wonderful things happen today. 1. We close the Our Chase Savings account! Saves us $10 a month in fees! 2. We close our Chase Business checking  account! Saves us $10 a month in fees! 3. We close our Chase Personal checking account! Saves us $10 a month in fees! We are now completely transitioned to our new bank. A few years of fighting with our life insurance companies to use our new bank which has been our new bank so long that it is no well past the honeymoon period is complete. Good Reddens to Chase!  Now all our accounts are consolidated, what a relief, and a cash savings now that Chase charges. Our new bank never had fees, and says they never will. Like 7-up without the fizz, or a nerdy virgin. The down side, Holly’s laptop after a full day of getting all its next years software installed for her schooling bit the dust! Sarah closed something in the lid, and the screen broke. Deja-vu (Did we just do this last month!, and last December, and last October, and Last July?) If Holly had the luck she has with cats, that she does with lap tops, I would be good to go. Tomorrow we will find out if that Accidental Damage Warranty we bought with this laptop has value – (Stay Tuned!,  We have never purchased a service contract on electronics until now.). We will surely share Best Buys honor good or bad soon.

Good Evening and Good Night.
PS: The kids don’t understand why I will not let them near my laptop. Go figure!