Another Oregon State Fair

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This is why we come. Ice Cream!

Yes, the state fair in our minds only means one thing, lots of walking leads to Ice Cream!   We love the American Dairy Women, because they make the world’s only great soft serve, and it can be eaten in a tree! I though have to eat mine while standing on the ground looking up a tree, maybe because I am old and don’t climb trees due to rigidity or dignity. Since I want to be young, I will claim it could not possibly be dignity!  We took several pictures today shown below.

Sarah watches chickens hatch. That is rather gross!


This is much nicer, they watch roses grow instead. Much nicer than hatching chickens.



Holly and Sarah ride this thing, but I can’t find Sarah! I saw her get in, but….


Holly found this new curling iron at the fair, she so.. had to have it! Now she has Adopted herself out to the Swift family. She could not be born into it naturally, so there is always mechanical modification. Now that she has Identified parents of better lineage, she is only hoping they will not notice and it will rub off. Any way, that new curling iron is really hot!!!