August 30, 2012 – A More Productive Week than Most

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Well, We took our last walk of the stay at Pacific City Thousand Trails on the beach. The weather was warm, and the fog was rolling in. Made for an interesting walk. I was rather ill, and went to the rig to get some sleep before our morning departure. Athena and the Girls made their way to a Potluck with several new families we met while at Pacific City.
Athena snagged a picture of most of the adult family members, as they visited over supper.
She got a picture of all the children and young adults that she could find. I think getting everyone together for photos, was just slightly more difficult than herding cats. Try herding cats some day, you will understand this better than.
Sunday came, and we drove to Sun River / Bend Thousand trails. It was a very long drive. The kids slept all the way over. Parking the RV was a harrowing experience due to a couple of strategically placed trees. After a bit of feeling terse, and walking back and forth trying to figure this puzzle out, we got it in the space. No idea how we will it out again. It might be time to lease a personal site. Then again, maybe a bit of sleep walking with a chain saw might solve the problem. Athena can sleep through anything you know?
Did we mention the fact that this trip to Bend was a business trip? Holly had to get her GED. The test is done in five sections over a period of two days. You might be wondering why we chose to do the exam in Bend. Two reasons. Reason number 1, the examiner could speak English, and we could understand her well enough to get all the right paper work turned in, and find out where to take the exam. (The lady in Salem, did not speak English well enough to communicate what we needed to do, and was not interested in speaking to us.) The second reason, is they gave the test more often in Bend, which would give Holly time to pass it, should she fail of the sections. So this is day 1, When we closed the RV door to head to the exam, it stuck shut and the handle no longer functioned. We drove off to the exam in the car, with the RV door firmly shut!
We dropped Holly off at the Exam, and drove back to the RV. Sarah crawled in through a window, and opened the door. Athena disassembled the door, and found one of the rods in the picture had gotten long, after an adjustment nut worked loose. She tightened the nut, tested the door the put it back together again. So far, we have not been stuck on either side of the door since.
After fixing the RV door, my renaissance women began cleaning windows. She is so awesome. Holly in the Mean time, has passed her GED with a perfect score in Reading, and almost perfect score in science. We got her report back, she out did 90% of High School seniors who took the same exam, placing her in the top 10% in the nation. Good work Holly! We are proud of you!
Sarah dropped a Corel Bowl. These things really make a mess!
Well, Corel when it breaks, travels about 30′. Sarah is tending to the cuts it made on her feet when the bowl exploded.
Holly does look like a typical American teen, eating at the computer, with her feet up.
Now, for the big job, we have to install this air spring, that we got a couple weeks back, into the RV. After 9 weeks of waiting to get it, and two weeks of waiting for an opportunity, we finally attempt the repair. You need a 3/4″ deep socket, a 7/16″ end wrench, and pry bar to do the job in a 2006 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40plq
The Spring has to go in front of the rear tire, on the other side of a mud curtain.
This picture is the top plate of the spring, covered in road tar and rock. There are two 3/4″ nuts, and an air line that must be disconnected to remove the old spring. To get the spring out, remove all four nuts, the two on top, and the two on bottom. Loosen the brackets on the chassis for the air line, pry the bag out just a bit so to expose the brass fitting that attaches the air line to the bag. The fitting has to be removed from the under side of the plate, but before the bag is completely removed. Once the line is disconnected the bag is ready to be extracted.
Athena and Our friend Martin are performing the task mentioned above.
Here is the bag, after it was completely disconnected from the RV. The next step in removing the bag, is to guide the bag over the top of the over the tire to the rear of the rig next to the rear shock. There is hole there just large enough to pass the bag though with a bit of a push and a tug. (The bags were custom made for us by R&S Leaf Spring for a fraction of the cost Monaco charges)
Athena and Martin Williams, are finishing up.
A bad picture of two wonderful people, who just fixed our RV. Athena and I could not be more pleased. Thanks Martin, and Vicky for lending us Martin. Athena and Martin did in two hours, what would have taken Athena and I a week to do. Well, we had a good week this week, a GED exam passed, Holly Enrolled at Chemeketa in Salem, and the Air Spring in the rig fixed. Now we just need to learn how to make our web store work, so we can pay the bills.

Good Evening and Good Night….

PS: I just in from my cousin regarding my Aunt, and her Mom… Please Pray for all of the family.

Good morning! I want to start by saying since my computer crashed I don’t have Marlo’s email address, so if one of you could pass this news on I would really appreciate it, and maybe send me her address, or if she emails me I can save it, thanks!

I don’t know if any of you have talked with Mom yet, but I will tell you what is going. As you may or may not know, mom had to go to Eugene for her scans then back this week for the results….They were not good, the cancer is back and a bit worse than the first time. It is in her same lung, but also in the lung lining, this is new as opposed to before, last time it was in one of her lymphs, but this time they are clear.

It was devastating news to say the least, my heart is absolutely broken, I did NOT see this coming as she seemed like she was doing so well, she looks good, happy to have gotten her hair back…just unbelievable!

They say that they cannot cure her but they are going to try to control it, she will have to have chemotherapy every 3 weeks for the rest of her life, beginning Sept. 5th. I’m assuming that after she has a couple of treatments they’ll take some pictures and see how it’s working, we weren’t given those details yet, but that’s what I would think….They say it will be hard hard chemo…

If she does nothing and takes no treatments at all, they say she would only have 4-5 weeks left, her lung would completely fill up and collapse and well, you know the rest… I find this unbelievable, I look at my Mom and would never think in a million years she could be gone in just a month! She just seems to healthy to me! Now that’s without any treatments, she will be receiving treatments, so now we start praying…HARD..wishing, whatever your pleasure!

I’m sorry I didn’t call with the news, we were just so overwhelmed, by the time we got home from the doctors, it was about 6 PM, she was exhausted and yesterday I left them alone to process it all and talk….I didn’t know for sure if she had called or if any of you had called her, I should have just emailed you right away yesterday morning..I will keep all of you posted everytime, so if I could get Marlo’s email it will make it much easier, I can just send one update to everyone each time she has her treatment.

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t let you all know yesterday, I can barely keep my composure, I can’ t even begin to tell you how I feel, words can’t describe!

Hug your family and hold them close

Love Brenda