Back to the Rolling Shoe Box after a weeks outing

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July 10, 2011 – Back to the Rolling Shoe Box after a weeks outing

to my mom’s house for the 4th of July:  It was a very nice holiday, had a good time visiting family. Farmington is about 100 air miles from Richland Oregon, but 250 to 300 driving miles. We left the rolling shoe box in Richland and drove the car up. Though we had a wonderful time, it is nice to be back home to our own beds. Never thought we could leave the RV for a week, come back, and have it feel like we came home. Today it is rather hot, Farmington was much cooler in temperature, we are going to have to re-acclimate to the heat before heading back to the Oregon Coast next week. If you have never been to the Idaho Panhandle take a trip, it is pretty country, and for kicks and grins, drive through Lewiston Idaho, down Highway 3 to Enterprise Oregon, it is an exhilarating ride (Especially Rattlesnake grade, and parts of NF39) for some, and just beautiful for everyone else.

Have good afternoon and nice day