Drove to the big valley today

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June 20, 2011 – Drove to the big valley today

The weather was better at the beach, but that did not matter since we were in the Valley. The drive was long, lots of construction everywhere on the Highway from the beach to Beaverton then to Salem and back. We have no idea what these guys in the picture are doing, one guy was riding in a little tiny pull cart on the ground, one was driving the big yellow thing pulling the cart, and two were holding up signs. Driving the yellow thing, looked like fun, and being towed around in the little wagon all day might be enough to make one feel like royalty, but I feel sorry for the sign holder guys, it would be best to replace them with posts, and cheaper too. While in Salem, we dropped Holly’s laptop to get the screen replaced, Best Buy said they would repair Holly’s laptop under warranty, good news so far. . Had a nice visit with Darin’s dad and brother. It was weird for the girls to be back in Salem stores, they kept saying it felt odd.  I don’t know when we will get used to being in Oregon again. Darin thinks that it will be just before we leave again. Never get too comfortable, and never brag, those states of thought, cause change. – Athena