Enjoying the last minutes of sun

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June 12, 2011 – Enjoying the last minutes of sun

  Kids build a fort out of 2×2′s, then the rain comes down, and we are trapped in the RV the rest of the day. OK though, we got our laundry done, Athena and her Mom were gone from 3: to 7:30 visiting an old friend of her moms. We were beginning to wonder if they were kid napped.  Turns out that the member rules do not allow us to share any maintenance issues or other things that might accidentally sway a person away from buying into thousand trails. I am sure glad the constitution was completed before corporate America got a solid foot hold.  Otherwise freedom of speech would be much different in this country. Well, I guess the Oregon rains cloud judgement, and cause moldy attitudes. People in the South were much more friendly and far more relaxed in general. So Nick, you win! The south is friendlier.

Good evening and good night…