Family of 14 sells their home and hits the road in their RV

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Not every day does a family of 14 move into an RV and get covered by the Today Show. That being said we know several hundred families just like this one, maybe we know them all, but  not likely since we have not yet met this family.

Family of 14 sells their home. moves into an RV. Believe it or not, they are not the only large family on the road. There are hundreds just like them.We hope if you are a  family living in an RV or thinking about traveling in your RV or just dreaming, you join Full time Families someday (Use the blue advertisement to the right of this article to join).

We love meeting other families as we  wonder around the country.  We joined Full time families and find it to be a great way to get the information we need regarding living in an RV, and hooking up with other like-minded folks all over the nation. We are not as far and few between as the media may  make us out to be. This life style is lived by everyday people just like you and me. If your considering the RV lifestyle; take inspiration from this video, then thoroughly check out our website.  Once you have had enough of us, which I know is nearly impossible, but does happen.  Head on over to the section  ”Other Family Blogs” and check out the blogs we have listed, then click on the Full Time Families, and Families on the road. You will be amazed just how many of us are out here and have contacted one another.

Our family loves the sun and warm weather. We follow the sun, so that means south in the winter, north in the summer. Other families follow the snow, and ski Colorado all winter. That is the great thing about the RV lifestyle, you can not only follow your dreams, but you can change your weather.