Finished Laying the RV Floor and Baby is Happy

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July 29, 2011 – Finished Laying the Floor and Baby is Happy

  1The first floor we have ever worked with involving the resurfacing of a slide in a Fifth wheel. With my immoral support, Chris’s tenacity, Athena’s and Kim’s ability to measure and cut patterns, then last but not least, Holly’s willingness to watch the younger crew, the floor was successfuly installed. Now Full Time Families has a new floor in which their family seems to be relieved to have. Why the manufacturers came up with the idea of putting carpet on a slide, then under a dining table, I’ll never understand, but we fixed it. The trick on laying laminate on a slide is to over hang the slide by several inches, then trim it out so the gap is only a 1″ step up. To keep the edge from caving under your weight when you walk on the slide place a sheet of plywood under the whole surface extending the slide sub floor. If you are like us, and have few tools and no access to plywood, take some carpet foam, scrap boards, and build up the edge. We taped two pieces of laminate flooring together, wrapped them in foam, then fastened the foam spacer we made to the edge of the new floor that over hangs the slide. This protects the main floor from scratching, and gives a stable platform for the new floor to ride on. I still prefer the plywood method, but if saws and, stores are in short supply, the method we used should suffice. Hopefully the air conditioning guy will come by and replace the air conditioner, that will be the icing on the cake for the kids. That is it for another day, again I am completely dead, but its worth it.

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