Full Time Families Rally Day 1 (For us) Off to a good start

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June 17, 2011 – Full Time Families  Rally Day 1 (For us)

The Paparazzi (Me with the camera) chases Holly trying to get a picture, but she is just too coy today.  People are showing up here from all over today. We had open house as an activity, it was interesting, we learned new ways to deal with all our junk by looking at how everyone else deals with their junk. That was heaven I can’t wait to get my hands on a saw and a screw driver! We went to Freddy Meyer and I already bought some hardware. This evening Athena played trivia with all the other families, she knows lots of stuff, came in second place. Now I know why we are are considered nerds! We are happy nerds though….

Good evening and good night….