Grandma Taylor’s Birthday

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Athena’s Aunt Norma is teaching Athena’s grandma Taylor about the the laptop. Norma has some cool computer gadgets, and recorded all of our contact information for posterity. Over all everyone seemed to enjoy the party, but Athena’s mom did not show and she was missed.

Athena’s Aunts and Uncles
Children at play while the adults are visiting
Not sure who is showin’ who, but it is a game of pool

Well, it was nice party and Grandma Taylor was most appreciative of the effort. The party was held in the Corvallis Methodist church Gym / Community center which is a very nice facility. After the party, we headed down to Salem to pick Holly up from her friends Birthday party, we ended up staying there well into the evening so we could get the sound working on her friends computer. I was pretty close to becoming an official Zombie, so we did not blog this party last night.

Today, Athena and I went to work at the school again, and fought a losing battle with the music room pc. They wanted it on the network, but there is no wire going from the computer room to the music room, so we tried to use the wireless router, but could not get a strong enough signal to make the pc work reliably, the distance and the number of barriers are too great without some expenditures in large antennas. I remounted the air conditioner in the server room, as it looked like it was going to fall out, it looks better now. Then the last battle of the day was sound on the lab computers. Looks like Dell has a sound card issue effecting the rear sound ports, thankfully there are headphone jacks on the front of the PC’s and they all appear to work. Holly and Athena repaired a printer by just adding ink and cleaning it. So the score is Athena 3 and the PC devils 1.

Have a good evening and good night..