Had to go to the beach to avoid October Fest

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It is always a shame when one has to go to the beach, and watch pretty sunsets, then wonder if he should have been born a duck. Silver Spur in Silverton was all booked out for the weekend of Octoberfest and per our agreement, we left on the Friday morning preceding the festival. After running errands Friday morning, we headed out to Pacific city and were greeted by a campsite with a wonderful Ocean view, 75 degrees and sunny, but too tired to enjoy it. We went to bed, dreaming of a nice walk to the beach on Saturday morning. We woke up in the night to the pitter of rain drops, then in the morning to a wet dash and carpet, and no ocean, just gray.

Our RV is setting in a lake, hope it is an amphibaRV

Not all is lost, we now know where all the leaks that summer put in the RV are, and will have some dry days in the near future to patch them with. In the mean time, we go to the campground lodge spend a few ours in the pool, the hot tub, playing pool, and go back to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” where the Black Pearl (Captain Jack’s Yacht) has the same problem as the RV. She be a leakin’. Our RV leaks because of sun backed caulk, his leaks because of cannon fire, I might be suggestin’ our repairs might be easier, and slightly cheaper than Captain Jack’s.


We are left with one thought after this rainy weekend at the beach, What were ping pong balls made of before they invented plastic?

Good Day, and Good Night…