Hanging in the park

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July 27, 2011 – Been Hangin in the park

  7Several days since the last entry and strangely enough, I can’t remember what we have been doing! Here are pictures of what I don’t remember: Athena, Myself, our Neighbors – Kimberly and Chris have started a project laying laminate wood flooring in their RV. Athena and I had to take a break though so I could see the Dr. in Beaverton. The trip was too much for me, and I feel ill from the trip, but we got to see Mark, and a bunch of my old old Friends at Golf Team Products, Mark is now launching a Team Sales line as well. so at least a little fun was mixed in. Lets look at what we think might of happened:
Found nice flowers. Athena says they are wild roses. The little bug seems happy no matter the name of the flower.

We hired a new driver. They seem to be getting younger all the time. It is a great age though, they haven’t started drinking yet.


He says be patient, “I’ll get hang of this wheel some how”


“Hey do you mind! I am driving here!”


The boys, really thought we needed more companionship.


They look pleasant enough, and strangely content.


Athena and I had to run to Beaverton to see My Dr. he seemed to be doing well, and I prescribed no new medications for him. We stopped here in Sisters on the way back so we could evacuate all the soda we drank on the back over the mountain. Nice town.